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“If you want to change the world, you must first understand it.” 

AQB’s program in the Social Thought, Economy, and Policy program (STEP) empowers students to understand the big ideas and theories that shape the world, and how they can be harnessed to solve pressing social problems in Palestine and beyond. STEP is built on an interdisciplinary approach that combines political science, economics and philosophy. By taking courses in each of these disciplines, students will develop advanced critical thinking skills and innovative approaches to policy solutions. In an increasingly complex world, social, economic and political problems can neither be fully understood with just one theory, nor can they be solved with the insights of economic or political expertise alone. Studying STEP allows students to understand how different political and economic ideas are rooted in different ways of understanding the world, and why, ultimately, policies to change it are deeply contested. With its interdisciplinary approach, students will develop a wide range of intellectual and practical skills, thus providing them greater flexibility in their future career path.  


With the focus on interdisciplinary thinking and analysis, the STEP program trains students to develop a comprehensive understanding of problems and solutions which will give them a competitive edge in the labor market. Career options range from public administration, civil society organizations, journalism, business, and economic consultancy, and international organizations. STEP students will gain a strong foundation in writing, research and analytical skills, including quantitative skills, as well as transferable skills and English language competency that will make them appealing to employers in a wide variety of sectors Graduates of STEP are also expertly equipped to further their studies in a range of social science disciplines on a postgraduate level. Graduates of STEP are potential leaders where they choose to excel. AQB alumni have completed their postgraduate studies at universities such as Harvard and Syracuse (USA), LSE, SOAS, King's, and Oxford (UK), and Sienna (Italy) and Dresden (Germany). 



  • You will receive a global degree accredited by both the Palestinian Ministry of Education and by the United States Department of Education. 

  • You will obtain a high English language proficiency level. 

  • You will participate in a vital/vibrant student life.

  • You will have the chance to receive a partial merit and/or financial aid scholarship that covers the whole study tuition. 

  • You will join the AQB alumni network which will expose you to more job opportunities. 

  • You will have a higher chance to pursue further advanced studies: master’s and PhD degrees.  


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