Undergraduate Program Overview


The undergraduate program of Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences (AQB) is a four-year undergraduate program leading to a dual Bachelor of Arts degree: a BA from Al-Quds University as well as a BA from Bard College.

AQB emphasizes student-centered learning, the development of independent inquiry, and the free exchange of ideas. Classes are small and focus on writing and critical thinking. The principal language of instruction is English across the curriculum. We seek to educate the whole person and provide broad knowledge of diverse disciplines along with indepth knowledge in the student's chosen fields. With this purpose, students take courses across the disciplines to master diverse modes of inquiry, e.g. different research methods and critical thinking.


The Core curriculum reflects the philosophy that a liberal arts degree must educate the complete person. It reflects the belief that in order to be successful today, it is no longer enough for people to be educated only their field of study: they must be able to read texts across traditions, analyze them, challenge them, write about them, and, most importantly, be changed by them.

The Core curriculum is an intensive, two-year program of study (with an additional junior-year seminar for many students) preparing students to read difficult texts in English and Arabic closely, write about them deeply, and engage in the act of critical analysis that is vital to the success of a liberal arts program.

Learn more about the Core curriculum and view course descriptions here.


Admittance to AQB does not automatically place a student into one of the academic programs offered at the College. First, a student earns admission as a general student of AQB. Once admitted to the College, then he/she takes steps towards declaring their intended major specialization and minor.

The process to declare a major and minor is called “Moderation”. This is a very special and significant process that enrolled students undergo during their second year of study. Most students who have finished the required general education and Core program courses, and who have passed between 48-65 credit hours, ideally complete moderation towards the end of their sophomore year by passing the moderation board. The moderation process is an important milestone toward achieving students’ academics plans and professional goals.

All AQB students are advised to contact their academic adviser at the beginning of their second year to see if they are eligible to finish the moderation process according to their academic plan schedule and in keeping with the moderation guidelines. To know more about the moderation, please read the moderation guidelines the moderation guidelines.


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