AQB Academy

أكاديمية القدس بارد

What is the AQB Academy?

The AQB Academy is Palestine's only full-time, one-year English preparatory program that began in the 2020-21 academic year with one mission: Preparing high-achieving students from underserved areas, whose English language skills are a barrier for readiness for AQB's all-English dual degree programs. After two years, we can report the successful participation of 25 student alumni. Beyond language skills, the program's unique curriculum is tailored to each year's cohort of students, so that students can experience development in their English language, personal growth, critical thinking, and academic skills.

Listen to the Story of One of the AQB Academy Students

What characteristics make the AQB Academy special?

  • COMMITTED: The program is full-time (25 hours a week), so students receive individualized attention and become a close-knit community within AQB.

  • ACTIVE: Lecturing and exams are not the focus. Instead, students do communicative and active lessons to practice language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in the context of interesting classroom and community activities, clubs, and projects. Quizzes check skills and instruction, but the main assessments are through performance and student-generated content.

  • STUDENT-CENTERED: The AQB Academy is student-centered, so students make choices about projects, and this choice leads to stronger motivation and investment. For example, students read about issues in Palestine and the world around them as a foundation for new knowledge. Students' changing interests and abilities drive projects.

  • REFLECTIVE: Personal growth and self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses are as important as academic and language goals. The instructors model this behavior and receive feedback from students during the process of learning.

  • PROJECT-BASED: Students develop their language skills through self-inquiry projects that help them along their academic path. Students give and receive feedback from instructors and their peers through presentations, debates, and by hosting clubs, research seminars, and cultural events for the AQB community.

  • SERVICE-ORIENTED: Our students give back to the community as volunteers. Academy students contribute to the program's improvement, make suggestions, and volunteer with the AQB community.

Are you a good fit?

If you want to truly push beyond your comfort zone, take a chance and apply for the program. Based on students who have successfully passed the program, it has transformed them into the kind of life-long learner that Palestine needs.


  • Have a Tawjihi score of 85% or higher.

  • Students must demonstrate additional scholarship need.

  • Pass the academy admission interview.

Admission email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 00972-02-279-4950


Mailing Address

Main Campus, Box 51000 

Beit Hanina, Jerusalem, Palestine