Scholarships and Financial Aid

Al-Quds Bard College awards a variety of scholarships at the B.A. level each academic year. Some scholarships are based on financial need while others are based on merit. Scholarships range from 10% - 100% depending on a number of factors including demonstrated financial need and the qualifications of students, as well as scholarship funding availability. Priority consideration for scholarships will be given to applicants who submit all application materials and take the AQB English placement exam before the Tawjihi results. Note: The exam schedule will be communicated to applicants via email.

See below for details about the admissions process and the available scholarships.

AQB Undergraduate Admission Overview

Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences particularly seeks to enroll outstanding students with strong intellectual promise who have the express capacities of mind and character that will empower them to thrive in academic, social, and professional environments. A successful AQB candidate is someone who will embrace the academic freedom and resources provided by our liberal arts curriculum, who will get involved in our local and international networks, and who will be a catalyst within our student population, where a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives fuels the pursuit of education and serves our commitment to civil society. While admission to undergraduate programs takes many factors into consideration, decisions are based on the basic requirements outlined below. The College takes into consideration the educational, political, and economic constraints that confront Palestinian students.

 AQB General Brochure of Bachelor's Programs (Download)

AQB Admissions Options:

Applicants to Al-Quds Bard College may be accepted into one of three paths to success at AQB:

1) Students with strong academic qualifications AND strong English skills (as demonstrated on the English placement test) will be accepted into the regular track.

2) Students with strong academic qualifications but whose English is not yet strong enough for AQB’s core division courses will be accepted into the Pylon Program. Pylon students are AQB undergraduate students who divide their time in their first year between Intensive English courses and elective courses for AQB college credit.

3) Students with strong academic qualifications but facing significant challenges in English may be accepted into the Al-Quds Bard Academy.  The AQB Academy is a full year preparatory non-credit program that prepares students for rigorous academic work in English. Students in the AQB Academy must meet certain criteria at the end of their preparatory year in order to qualify for acceptance into the full AQB undergraduate program. The AQB Academy provides generous scholarships for the year-long program, as well as the potential eligibility for AQB undergraduate program scholarship.

Instructions to apply for admission to these programs follow.

AQB Applicants are expected to be highly motivated students who have excelled academically and who possess strong written and spoken English language skills. While evidence of high achievement and motivation is essential, the admission process looks closely at each applicant, carefully weighing all facets of the student’s high school experience and other relevant accomplishments. Students may apply for entry in fall or spring semester.

To be considered for regular acceptance into the undergraduate program, students should:

  • Purchase and fill out Al-Quds University application.

  • Obtain a Tawjihi score of 80% or higher, or equivalent SAT, GCSE, GCE, or IB score (for more details check the international accepted degrees web page at AQUor contact AQB admission office)

  • Sit for AMIDEAST’s English Placement Test. (ITP TOEFEL test is a mandatory requirement for all applicants). Those who perform well in the English test and score above 470 are going to be placed in the Regular Track.

If you meet the above criteria, please complete the application linked above. If accepted, we encourage you to come to AQB and meet with our Admissions team to receive your admission letter.

For more questions, please email the admission office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +970 (2) 2794950.

Note regarding SAT students:

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Education, Article (2) for 2021, for the purpose of equalizing SAT (CLEP/ AP) in the Palestinian Ministry of Education as a General Secondary Certificate, students must achieve the following:

  1. Students must successfully finish secondary education by passing eleventh and twelfth grades in school.

  2. Students must pass SAT 1 and its sections (WRITING, READING, MATH) with a minimum grade of 400 per each section for the purpose of equalization. 

  3. Students must pass the Arabic Language in school, if the school is in an Arabic speaking country.

  4. Students must pass 4 subjects from the (CLEP/ AP) tests, minimum grade being (35) points for CLEP, and (2) points for AP.

  5. Students must have math as one of the four tests mentioned above.

  6. In the case that the student passes more than one test of the same subject under different names or levels, it will count as only one subject when equalized.

The equalization of SAT (CLEP/AP) as “Tawjihi scientific stream” General Secondary Certificate must not conflict with the conditions set forth in the clauses (1-6) in Article (2). Requirements for the equivalency of the secondary school certificate ‘scientific stream’ are the following:

  1. Pass Math Calculus or Pre-calculus from the CLEP exam subjects, or Calculus BC or Calculus AB from the AP exam subjects.

  2. Pass two science subjects from the CLEP subjects or/and AP subjects.

  3. Pass one more subject from the CLEP subjects or/and AP subjects that the college board offers


Admittance to AQB does not automatically place a student into one of the academic programs offered at the College. First, a student earns admission as a general student of AQB. Once admitted to the College, then they take steps towards declaring their intended major specialization and minor, if any.

The process to declare a major and minor is called “Moderation.” This is a very special and significant process that enrolled students undergo during their second year of study. Most students who have finished the required general education and Core program courses, and who have passed between 48-65 credit hours, ideally complete moderation towards the end of their sophomore year by passing the moderation board. The moderation process is an important milestone toward achieving students’ academic plans and professional goals.

All AQB students are advised to contact their academic adviser at the beginning of their second year to see if they are eligible to finish the moderation process according to their academic plan schedule and in keeping with the moderation guidelines. To know more about the moderation, please read the moderation guidelines.


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