Master Of Arts In Teaching

In Arabic

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program admissions process consists of multiple stages with a filtering of candidates at each stage. The process begins with submission of an application through the Al-Quds Admissions website. All applications are first reviewed to check that the minimal program admission criteria (see below) are met in order for consideration as a candidate. In the next phase all acceptable applications are reviewed and evaluated by an admissions committee. Top ranking candidates are considered for an individual interview. A final decision is made by the admissions committee after all phases have been completed by the candidate.

Admission requirements:

01 70% GPA or above in undergraduate studies in one of the following disciplines: Math, English Literature, General Sciences, Biology, and History.

02 Good English language proficiency: speaking and writing.

03 No less than two years of teaching experience in either governmental, private, or UNRWA schools in Palestine.

04 Pass the MAT admission interview conducted in English for the English Literature discipline, and in English and Arabic languages for the Math, General Sciences, Biology, and History disciplines.



Mailing Address

Main Campus, Box 51000 

Beit Hanina, Jerusalem, Palestine