M.A. in European Studies

Program in Arabic

A. in European Studies at Al-Quds Bard College, Al-Quds University, Palestine
In cooperation with Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Institute of Social Sciences, Germany

The European Studies Program is part of the Master's level studies

offered at AQU’s Al-Quds Bard College in the English language. It is implemented in close cooperation with Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf (HHUD), Germany, and divided into two parts: The first/preparatory year (two semesters) takes place at AQU. A second year (two semesters) in an international program at HHUD will be possible for those students who fulfill the respective entry requirements. They will have the chance to be graduated with an HHUD Master’s degree.

Germany is supporting this study program with a generous scholarship program, covering the study fees at AQU for all first-year students and the tuition and living expenses for those selected to study in  Germany for the second year. 


M.A. graduates in European Studies should be able:

To understand Europe’s history, development of the EU, and legal framework that binds it.

  • To deal with the complex process of European integration and its neighborhood policy, including Middle Eastern countries, on a scientific level,
  • To think independently and analytically, to act self-reliantly, to demonstrate openness to cultures communicative competencies, and team spirit while working on scientific questions,
  • To start or continue a professional career in areas of politics, policy consulting, administration, media, and civil society organizations dealing with European actors, institutions, and processes.

The following courses are offered during the first year of study at AQB College:

  • Introduction to the European Union
  • Modern European History —the Evolution of the Idea of Europe
  • Introduction to the European Law: the Constitutional and Institutional Setting of the EU
  • Politics and Society in Europe
  • European Economic Relations
  • European Integration Theories
  • Research methods
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Studies
  • German language

Note: English language support will be provided as needed.

In addition, special events will be offered to focus on issues related to the EU and the Palestinian Question, in cooperation with the Office of the EU Representative, EUPOLCOPPS, and Representatives of individual European Countries. 

Final year at HHUD in Germany:

Based on the agreement between AQU and HHUD, ten graduates who qualify for the second year will have the chance to continue their studies for a Master’s degree at HHUD.

This program focuses in particular on strengthening the scientific skills

of the students to deal with the complex process of European integration and the relevance of its policy. This includes in particular the development of teamwork and interdisciplinary approaches during the theoretical phases of their stay at HHUD. Furthermore, a comprehensive visiting program to key institutions of the European Union (e.g. Parliament, Commission, Council, etc.) including discussions with relevant representatives of these institutions will expose the students to practical issues related to the implementation of the EU’s policy. 

Entry requirements:

  • BA (70 % and above) in social sciences, law, economics, history, or cultural studies (min 4 years)
  • Very Good knowledge of the English language (B2 Common European Framework Reference for Languages, IELTS min 5.5, TOEFL min. 87 points) 

Credit hours and teaching methods and evaluation:

  • Each course equals 3 credit hours (1 credit hour equals 16 working hours)
  • Methods: Lectures, seminar papers, presentations, written exams.


Full scholarships are available for all first-year students and students who are selected for second-year study at Heinrich Heine University.

Lecturers from Germany are An integral part of the process of Teaching.

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