One Day at AQB

يوم في كلية القدس بارد


Note: The One Day at AQB program will be implemented via Zoom due to the current situation this year.

The One Day at AQB is a program that offers Tawjihi students (and those from non-Tawjihi schools) the opportunity to visit Al Quds Bard College in person to explore the advantages it offers for its students. Visitors experience the College’s academic environment, teaching style, and student life. Due to the current emergency state under which Al-Quds University is operating, the program is being conducted virtually for the Spring 2024 term.

One Day at AQB in its classic format is not feasible. However, our recruitment and communication office, in collaboration with the Division of Students Affairs, the AQB BA Ambassadors (a student leadership program jointly hosted by the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Recruitment), and the faculty members - is glad to offer the One Day at AQB as a virtual event where students can join via Zoom the course that they are interested in.


Interested students are required to apply in advance and fill out the One Day @ AQB form to coordinate their attendance in the course. This is a great opportunity for those who are considering studying in Palestine and will help them to make the best academic decisions about their major before they apply to AQB.

Selected applicants will receive a call and acceptance email from the AQB Recruitment and Communication Office. They will also be notified about the program of their “One Day at AQB” visit.

After being selected, the students should select a date that is at least one week away from the date the appointment was made from the day they will fill out the form. This is important to coordinate the logistics of their virtual visit.  For example, if they plan to visit on April 24, they should complete the form no later than April 17.

Students can select from one or two of the nine classes offered below to attend as part of the One Day @ AQB program. The classes come from each of the nine majors offered at AQB, with one course from our Core Curriculum program. Apply!

Selected applicants will experience the following program during their virtual visit:

  • Meet over Zoom with AQB Recruitment and Communication Officer, Mr. Ahmed Hmeedat or AQB Student Ambassadors

  • Attend a course of their preference with one of the faculty members of the College.

  • Have the chance to interact with current BA students and hear from them about their experiences.

Course Name/Program




Natural Sciences Division

Fundamentals of Biology II

(Molecular Genetics)

Mahmoud Khalid


Sundays & Tuesdays

Molecular Biology


Imad Matouk


Sundays & Tuesdays

Principles of Computing

(Computer Science)

Hasan Nuesibeh


Mondays & Wednesdays

Social Sciences Division

Introduction to Environmental and Urban Studies

(Urban Studies and Spatial Practises)

Saad Ameerh



Public International Law

(Global Studies and Diplomacy)

Munir Nusseibeh


Sundays & Tuesdays

Palestinian Political Economy

(Social Thought, Economy and Policy)

Sobhi Samour


Mondays & Wednesdays

Humanities Division

Digital Media & Culture

(Digital Media and Communication)

Saida Hamed


Sundays & Tuesdays

Introduction to Literary Theory

(Literature and Society)

Petar Odak


Sundays & Tuesdays

Core Division


Issam Khoury


Sundays & Tuesdays

Pylon Program

Intensive English II Section 1

David Courtney


Saturday & Tuesdays


Objectives of the "One Day at AQB":

  • The Tawjihi students will get to choose up to 2 programs that they are interested in studying and join AQB students in classes.

  • The Tawjihi students will get to know how Liberal Arts Education is implemented at AQB through the College’s international and local Professors, as well as ask questions about the nature of the academic programs that they are interested in, the future of the job market, opportunities awaiting them, etc.

  • To get a sense of the friendly and caring environment at AQB and what makes it outstanding.

  • To meet with AQB students and listen to their real-life success stories, including but not limited to, exchange programs, job internships, learning experiences, and much more!

To apply, please fill this form out and we will contact you to confirm a date and time for your virtual visit. For further details, please contact:

1- Mr. Ahmed Hmeedat (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or

2-  Ms. Omayma Sbeih (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

In addition, you could contact our BA Ambassadors concerning any questions you may have.

You could call us at 02-297-4950. Or reach out to us at our WhatsApp Number: +972593101947

Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences.


Mailing Address

Main Campus, Box 51000 

Beit Hanina, Jerusalem, Palestine