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Learning Art is an essential part of my study at the Digitial Media and Communication Program

Learning Art is an essential part of my study at the Digitial Media and Communication Program


AQB Digital Media Communication student, Ibrahim Alzumor, reflects on his study abroad experience at the Film Akademie in Germany this spring semester, he states, “[t]he time I spent at the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg has greatly helped me learn how to make animations and movies. Using a variety of drawing methods has helped me grow, from learning the ins and outs of three-dimensional animation to falling in love with hand-drawn animation and the new and exciting world of collaged animation. Each method has shaped my understanding and given me a deeper understanding of both the finer points of art and the scientific precision that goes into the craft.

I have improved my skills by working on real projects, trying new things, and getting help from more experienced teachers. Still, my quest goes beyond the studio walls. Actively taking part in film-related classes and gatherings has been very helpful. These get-togethers are great places to share ideas, learn from experts in the field, and make links with other fans who share your interests. The conversation includes breaking down new film trends, using cutting-edge technology, and breaking down the work of great directors, all of which have helped me in my artistic efforts.

Taking advantage of the chance that Al-Quds Bard offers travel programs to its students has also helped me see more of the world. Working with directors from different cultures has given me the opportunity to share my experiences, talk about my ideas, and make connections that will last. These exchanges not only help me learn more about how films are made, but they also help me make friends with other creative people around the world, which made my artistic journey more enjoyable.”

Finally, Ibrahim adds, “I am very grateful for Al-Quds Bard College’s staff, faculty, and fellows who assisted me during this life-lasting experience. I encourage every student at AQB to apply to the study abroad programs at the college.”


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