CLEA Project

AQB organized a handover ceremony of certificates to the participants in the (CLEA) Program

Al-Quds University,Al-Quds Bard College,

On 26th March 2022, AQB organized a handover ceremony of certificates to the students who participated in the Collaborative for Liberal Education for Adolescents (CLEA) Program offered at eight schools from different directorates of the West Bank. This program is funded by the Open Society University Network (OSUN), in partnership with Bard College, and aims to use many of the new teaching methods used at Al-Quds Bard College, away from the traditional methods of teaching. Students are equipped with skills and strategies for engaged reading and discussion of texts. The program aims to enhance and develop the student’s critical and creative thinking skills, as well as self-expression and communication. Moreover, the program prepares students for their careers and university life.

Dr. Rana Alsurkhi, the CLEA program director, opened the event by welcoming the attendees from AQU, represented by Dr. Hasan Dweik, AQU vice president, and officials from The Palestinian Ministry of Education, represented by Dr. Ayoub Eleyan, Assistant Deputy Minister. The event also included a show of student talents and a contest for the best course name for the seminar. The event concluded with the handing over of certificates to all participating students and teachers.

Mr. Ayoub Eleyan from the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Professor Hasan Dweik, AQU Vice President, stressed the importance of such seminars and the skills they target. During the event, Assistant Deputy Minister Eleyan showed high interest in the concept of Early College and the link between high schools and university. In addition, many of the students who participated in the seminar show interest in AQB and the liberal arts.


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