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EAA-Qatar Scholarship Orientation & Certificate Awarding Ceremony at Al-Quds Bard College

EAA-Qatar Scholarship Orientation & Certificate Awarding Ceremony at Al-Quds Bard College


[Abu Dis, 02.17.2024] – The EAA-Qatar Scholarship office at Al-Quds Bard College (AQB) recently conducted the much anticipated Orientation & Certificate Awarding Ceremony on February 17th, 2024. The event held online due to the ongoing state of emergency in the West Bank due to the genocide in Gaza, brought together scholarship recipients, program organizers, and distinguished guests for an inspiring and informative session.

Organized by Dr. Issam Khoury, Scholarship Program Manager, Mr. Hakam Abu Laban, Scholarship Program Communications Officer, and Mr. Christopher Wedeman, Civic Engagement Coordinator, the event aimed to orient all EAA-Qatar Scholarship recipients, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, on the principles and requirements of the scholarship.

The ceremony began with a poignant address from Dr. Khoury, who acknowledged the challenges facing the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza, and offered support and guidance to Scholars in maintaining academic excellence during these trying times. Dr. Khoury emphasized the importance of consistent academic performance to sustain the scholarship throughout the four-year duration. “Our partnership with the Education Above All Foundation has given opportunities to over 200 Palestinian students so far to pursue their education at Al Quds Bard College. Our undergraduate and graduate students stand out in terms of their commitment to giving back to their communities, engaging with distinguished organizations in Qatar that provide them with professional development opportunities, and excelling in their academics. The Qatar Scholarship has given opportunities to students who would otherwise not be able to pursue their higher education at Al Quds Bard, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Foundation to continue to provide rigorous learning and engagement opportunities for our Scholars.” Dr. Khoury said.

Following Dr. Khoury's address, Mr. Wedeman elaborated on opportunities for civic engagement, highlighting the importance of community involvement and suggesting innovative approaches for scholars to fulfill their civic engagement requirements while adhering to the state of emergency protocols in the West Bank. “Despite the overwhelming circumstances of the past several months, Scholars continually demonstrate their determination to take an active role in their communities. I am confident that this group of Scholars will be resolute in the coming months in engaging their communities and the larger society around them, in order to do what is in their power to support their brothers and sisters in Gaza, and for the benefit of Palestine at large.” Wedeman said.

Mr. Abu Laban concluded the session by detailing the unique opportunities available to EAA-Qatar Scholars through the Qatar Connections Program. This exclusive platform provides Scholars with access to enriching sessions aimed at enhancing their soft skills and preparing them for the modern job market. Mr. Abu Laban concluded his part by emphasizing the importance of communication and responsiveness, encouraging scholars to participate in the diverse media content the scholarship officer produces every year. Abu Laban expressed his enthusiasm for the new cohort of Scholars, stating, “I am thrilled to welcome our newest scholars to the EAA-Qatar Scholarship family. As they venture into this transformative journey, they will not only have access to unparalleled opportunities through the Qatar Connection Program but also play a vital role in representing the scholarship and Palestinian students on a global stage.”

The highlight of the ceremony was the awarding of 127 scholarship certificates to all currently enrolled Scholars from all cohorts starting in 2021. The presentation of certificates symbolized the commitment of AQB and the EAA-Qatar Scholarship program to supporting scholars in their academic pursuits and personal development.

Reflecting on the ceremony, scholarship recipients shared their gratitude and enthusiasm for the opportunities afforded to them:

Mira Amarneh (BA student) said: It was a golden opportunity to be part of the EAA-Qatar Scholarship which made me express my passion for being productive through civic engagement in Palestinian society and develop my personality and skills through Qattar Connection sessions.
Manar Afana (MAT student) said: I am grateful to EAA for this chance and for being a member of the EAA community.
Ibrahim Bassa (MAT student) said: This scholarship means a lot more than just financial help - it showed EAA’s support for my academic dreams.

The EAA-Qatar Scholarship Orientation & Certificate Awarding Ceremony underscored AQB's dedication to providing holistic support and opportunities for its scholars, even amidst challenging circumstances.

For more information about the EAA-Qatar Scholarship and opportunities at Al-Quds Bard College, please visit EAA at AQB.

About the EAA-Qatar Scholarship at AQB:

The Qatar Scholarship program at Al Quds Bard College is the result of an agreement signed between the Education Above All Foundation (Doha, Qatar) and Bard College (New York, USA). Through this program that launched in Spring 2021, AQB will award 339 scholarships to marginalized Palestinians to pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees at AQB. The program awards scholarships at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels. For BA students, a scholarship with a minimum of 85% is available to cover four full years of studies, while for MAT students, scholarships of up to 90% are available for two full years of MAT study at AQB. The Scholarship is designed for Palestinians who come from marginalized and rural areas, preferably with a good level of English language proficiency.

About Al-Quds Bard College:

Al-Quds Bard College is committed to liberal arts education to create possibilities and lead to discoveries on students’ personal, academic, and professional levels. The undergraduate curricula emphasize a harmonious balance between general knowledge and specific specialization. Their designs aim to immerse students in diverse academic activities in natural and social sciences, computing, humanities and practicing arts.

The AQB Master of Arts in Teaching introduces a new model of theories and practices to the Palestinian school system. AQB equips Palestinian teachers with tools which empower them and their students inside and outside classrooms. AQB takes pride in its commitment to civil society and education, where such a role fills a gap that exists in the society.


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