Call for Applications, First Undergraduate Research Conference in Palestine at Al-Quds Bard College

The Urban Studies and Spatial Practices program at Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences went out on a field trip to Rawabi.

Professor Peggy Ahwesh visited Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences on October 23.

The Master of Arts in Teaching Program hosted the Principles of Principals workshop.

Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Science hosted the tenth annual Palestine Festival of Literature (PalFest)

The focal point of the event was a poetry panel entitled “The Future of Borders”, in which four literary ...

Al-Quds Bard College hosts The Freedom Theatre’s Production of Return to Palestine

The Freedom Theater of Jenin came to Al-Quds University on the 6th of March to stage Return to Palestine in front of a student audience at the Arabic Poetry Hall on campus.

President Leon Botstein addressed the entire sophomore class via VC

On Monday, February 13th, President Leon Botstein addressed the entire Sophomore class via video conference. He gave a short lecture on the opera Don Giovanni,

AQB Public Debate

On Monday, February 13, 2017, the Al-Quds Bard debate team held a public debate that grappled with the question:

The beginning of the second semester 2016/2017

Classes resumed at Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences, for the second semester (spring), where this date is to be the official announcement of the start of the classes at the college.

The Rev’d Canon Dr. Samir J. Habiby Visited AQB College

Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences hosted Father Samir Habibi, former director of the Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief. The reception focused on the unique programs offered through AQB..


The partnership between Bard College (New York) and Al-Quds University (East Jerusalem) represents the first dual-degree program between US and Palestinian institutions of higher education. Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate BA programs in the liberal arts and sciences and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. All students receive both US and Palestinian accredited degrees. 

AQB emphasizes student-centered learning, the development of independent inquiry, and the free exchange of ideas. Classes are small and focus on writing and critical thinking. The principal language of instruction is English across the curriculum. 

We seek to educate the whole person and provide broad knowledge of diverse disciplines along with in-depth knowledge in the student's chosen fields.