03 January 2021

Safely: AQB Students Led Project

In Professor Dalia Najjar's Global Entrepreneurship Class, a group of AQB students came online together to establish the first humanitarian project of its kind. "Safely," is the name of their project, aiming to tackle the modern challenges that the Middle East's refugees struggle. This project seeks to reduce the intensity of hardships that refugees face when they try to move to the West.

Ensuring safe travel for refugees worldwide is always discussed in refugee conventions. Yet, for many reasons, the applied solutions that came as a result are not solving the issue of dangerous illegal immigration. Safely is working on fulfilling a vision where seeking a safe home doesn't end up killing individuals. Safely strives to institutionalize the process of refugees' travel most humanely and possibly. It intends to be a non-profit organization working to provide refugees with transport visa documents to preserve their right to travel safely to their new homes.

While AQB students are still in the start-up phase of the project, Safely team members hope to qualify for the class competition and eventually win, representing a Palestinian university as an entirely Palestinian team from Al-Quds Bard. Currently, the team is composed of Dana Ghoul- the project manager; Rami Al-Shafei- the finance lead; Ahmad Hijjawi- the technical lead; and Nicholas sous- The marketing lead.