23 December 2020

Anticancer Experiments at AQB: New Findings

Al-Quds Bard College chemistry student, Reem Ayayda, has recently published the latest article titled: “Assessment of Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activity of Radish Sprouts Extracts” in the Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences (JJBS). This new publication represents the fruit of the student’s productive work, under AQB and Al-Quds University faculty members’ supervision and sage guidance. Additionally, AQB welcomes the new collaborative communication with JJBS, which is deemed a high-quality platform operating in the field of scientific studies in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Hashemite University.

Ayayda’s new study is considered a contribution to the field of laboratory experiments and indicates encouraging results that radish sprout extracts create an anticancer impact on cells such as HT29 (colon cancer) and MCF7 (breast cancer).