23 December 2020

Three AQB Students Leave Their Legacy At The Third Undergraduate Research Conference

Under the auspices of Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, the President of Al-Quds University (AQU), and Dr. Marwan Awartani, the Palestinian Minister of Higher Education, the AQU Deanship of Scientific Research and Al-Quds Bard virtually held the 3rd Undergraduate Research Conference on Tuesday, October 27th,2020.
More than 50 college and high school students participated and presented their research to be reviewed, revised, and discussed by a committee of judges. The committees were comprised of 27 judges from diverse academic backgrounds including IT and engineering, medicine and dentistry, public health and nutrition, natural sciences, pharmacy, and humanities.

At the conference, Dr. Imad Abu Kishek acknowledged the importance of scientific research and the role of the University in enhancing academic growth in the region, aiming for an institutional rebirth rooted in research instead of traditional pedagogy.
During his Zoom talk to the conference attendees, Dr. Marwan Awartani pointed out Al-Quds University’s contributions to the field of research, as well as outreach efforts and inclusion of public schools in the process. Further, Dr. Awartani indicated particularly the impact of AQB through its Master of Arts in Teaching Program which aims to foster teachers’ research skills in addition to the innovative pedagogy they carry into the classroom.

Dr. Daniel Terris, AQB Dean, also addressed the attendees in a speech pre-recorded from the front yard of his office in the state of Massachusetts; he further emphasized the significance of research these days more than ever since the breakout of the COVID-19. Dr. Elham Kateeb, AQU Dean of Scientific Research, presented on the progress of this signature event that is expanding year after year due to the acceptance it receives from today's students.
AQB is proud to have taken part in this conference and thrilled to announce to our community that of the AQB students that competed, two of them took home first place in their divisions and a third student won second place. The Al-Quds Bard student winners are:
First Place (Natural Sciences): Jamila Ayyad, Biology Major- Under the supervision of Prof. Mahmud Khalid- AQB.
First Place (Humanities): Yazan Mizher, Human Rights and International Law Major, under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Terris- AQB.
Second Place (Humanities): Zeina Melhem, Human Rights and International Law Major, under the supervision of Dr. Laura Menchaca- AQB.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to others who participated and contributed to the diversity and the quality of this conference.