It is with great pleasure that Al-Quds Bard College announces the Molecular Genetics Program available for fall semester 2020


Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences (AQB) has recently received a recognition for its new and unique program, Molecular Genetics, from the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education. This program is the first accredited program to be offered in Palestine at undergraduate level, and taught completely in English. This would lead to highly proficient molecular biologists who can communicate well and can produce well written scientific papers and proposals which is a major challenge for international scientists.

Our graduates should be able to compete well in the job market for unlimited job opportunities.  Our graduates' strong communication skills also make them highly marketable with organizations focusing on science related topics such as in industries and health care institutions as:

  • Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory Specialists: diagnosing genetics, cancer and viral diseases.

  • Biotechnology: graduates may work in genetic engineering, pharmaceutical development, and medical technologies.

  • Forensic Science and Molecular Biology: graduates may process evidence that could be used to solve crimes.

  • National and Global Health Specialists.

  • Bioinformatics: graduates may apply mathematical techniques to solve biological problems such as gene sequencing.

Students graduating with a degree in Molecular Genetics are competitive applicants for Ph.D., M.S., in basic sciences as well as applied sciences schools. Program graduates may pursue more specialized master’s degree such as genetic counseling, forensic sciences or biotechnology. Also there are many other careers for students who want to combine their scientific training with interests in other fields.

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