29 August 2019

AQB Graduation Class of 2019

AQB Graduation Class of 2019 

Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences (AQB), at Al-Quds University, graduated its class of 2019 from the Bachelors' and MAT’s programs, yesterday, 28th August.

The Graduation ceremony was led by Dr. Emad Abu Kishk, Al-Quds University President, the excellency of Dr. Marwan Awartani, the Palestinian Minister of Education, the President of Bard College-New York, Dr. Lion Botstein, and the Dean of Al-Quds Bard College, Dr. Daniel Terris.

Dr. Terris speech has acknowledged the guests, speakers on the podium, students’ achievements, their parents, and the long standing partnership between Al-Quds University and Bard College, which is still thriving in its tenth year.

Dr. Abu Kishk opened his commencement speech, which was in Arabic and English, by thanking all of the distinguished speakers on the podium, acknowledging students’ achievements, and valuing this distinguished partnership with Bard College in New York State. He drew on the importance of the learning process and the role that AQB is playing in implementing the liberal arts techniques.

Whereas Dr. Botstein’s speech has acknowledged students’ accomplishments as well as their parents who supported them through their journey at AQB. Also, he added that Bard NY is looking for a longterm partnership that will last for tens of years.

While Dr. Awartani has indicated that he, himself, is an alumnus of a liberal arts education and having AQB at Al-Quds University is a great model of success. He expressed in his speech, which was in Arabic and English too, on the potentials of liberal arts’ students. Particularly, he emphasized the importance of MAT program at AQB that targets public and private schools’ teachers in Palestine. He indicated the teachers are the corner stone of the learning process and without them there would be no real learning even if the curricula are rich and valuable.

Al-Quds Bard College would like to gratefully acknowledge Al-Quds University Public Relation Department for organizing a great successful graduation ceremony.