16 October 2019

AQB in the Pink Week

AQB in the Pink Week

Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences had participated in the Pink Week collaborating with AL-Quds University Students Affairs Department, AQU Department of Medical Scanning, Dunya Women's Cancer Center, and the Ministry of Health. The activities took place at AQU campus On Wednesday, October 16th, to increase students' attention and raising their awareness about breast cancer disease, which is considered the most commonly occurring cancer among women.

Dr. Abdel Raouf Al-Sinnawi, Dean of Student Affairs at AQU, acknowledged all the participants and emphasized the importance of these kinds of extracurricular activities at AQU. He also encouraged students to engage and participate.

Additionally, Dr. NofouzMaslamani, Director of Dunya Center, highlighted the importance of breast cancer early detection and the potentials of effective treatment and healing. Also, she cherished a strong relationship with AQU.

Many Thanks to all participants, guests, staff, volunteers, particularly AQB students who volunteered in this special event.