19 October 2019

The Role of Women During the First Intifada

The Role of Women During the First Intifada

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences has welcomed Ms. Terry Boullata, a Palestinian women rights activist, and Dr. Lily Feidy, the Dean of Faculty of Arts & Hind Al-Husseini College for Women, this Saturday morning, October 19th.

Ms. Boullata has shared with AQB students her personal story from the Palestinian First Intifada where she emphasized the role of women as the catalyst in the non-violent struggle. She stated, “the Palestinian women rights movement is not only pushing for women rights, but it is also promoting the rights of the other minorities within the Palestinian community, such as children and all family members.”

Whereas, Dr. Feidy highlighted the challenges that faces the Palestinian women movement and proposed to students to learn from history.

The CTL at AQB is regularly hosting scholars and lecturers, local and internationals, which is exposing the students to different perspectives and course of thoughts that would add to their knowledge and thinking.