29 April 2023

AQB Students Get Their Hands on Practice, Abroad!

AQB Students Get Their Hands on Practice, Abroad!

Thanks to Al-Quds Bard! I had the privilege of accessing various life-changing opportunities. This is spring semester, I had the honor of being part of the Bard Globalization and International Affairs (BGIA) program in New York City. AQB offered me a unique opportunity to participate in this prestigious program where I take classes and intern with international organizations in NYC. As of this semester, I am thrilled to be working as an intern at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network for Youth (UN SDSN Youth). During my stay in NYC, I gained valuable practical experience and formed numerous connections that have been truly eye opening.

I am glad to be a student at AQB, which will continue to provide its students with a platform to engage with the international community and enabling them to broaden their horizons.

Qais Ayasa, AQB Junior Economics Student.

NYC, 2023.