12 February 2023

AQB Students' Reflections on Study Abroad: Mudallala Abed at Florence University – Italy

AQB Students’ Reflections on Study Abroad Experience

Mudallala Abed


Mudallala Abed, Al-Quds Bard College student majoring in Economics and Finance, during her study abroad at Florence University – Italy, 2022

So far the experience has been nothing but a dream. I always wanted to be on a learning adventure on my own, and that dream came true when I applied for the student exchange program. Like everything, the beginning was a slightly tough. Yet, I quickly adapted, made friends, immersed myself in Italian culture, and started learning the language. I felt at home. I went to university, met my new friends and spent my day enjoying beautiful activities in Florence. On a personal level, I feel that my introverted personality is shifting to a more open and receptive nature. I feel self-reliant and spirited. The experience has been allowing me to discover my persona. And this has been nothing but a rollercoaster. On the academic level, the opportunity allowed me to explore the European economy and expand my knowledge amidst the stray political problems and economic crises that have been questioned by the war between Russia and Ukraine.