05 December 2022

CTL Workshop, “Principles of Learning”

CTL Workshop, “Principles of Learning”

Al-Quds University,
Al-Quds Bard College,

On November 9th, The CTL held a workshop titled “Principles of Learning” for AQB faculty  The workshop introduced some key ideas about reflective teaching practices. Teachers were asked to question how they think about how their students learn and the way they convey knowledge and skills to them.

Dr. AmnehBadran – Assistant Dean – stated, “it reminds me that we always need to reflect on our teaching practices and that professional development is an asset and a must. Teaching is not only about good ideas but also about good planning that stimulates our thinking as learners and teachers.”

Furthermore, the workshop supported instructors in examining and questioning their own biases, feelings, and actions; in better understanding the basis of culturally prevalent views; and in exploring the conversation between theory, research, and practice.

Prof. David Courtney – Director of the AQB Academy - said, “I enjoyed the well-sequenced writing prompts that were constructivist in nature. I wrote about learning to drive a motorbike, and this vivid memory made my reflections about teaching and learning "stick" more.”

Ultimately, this workshoptriggered a reflection on the application of constructivism learning principles. The workshop focused on some fundamentals of effective learning and offered suggestions for achieving excellence in the classroom.