30 October 2022

AQB Hosts Dr. Stojarová, from Masaryk University and Explores Academic Cooperation

AQB Hosts Dr. Stojarová, from Masaryk University and Explores Academic Cooperation

Al-Quds University,
Al-Quds Bard College,

Jerusalem| On October 23th, 2022, the Core Division at Al-Quds Bard College hosted Dr. VěraStojarová for a guest lecture in the Arabic Poetry Hall. Dr. Stojarová is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Masaryk University (Czech Republic) whose work focuses on political and party systems in the Balkan countries. Her lecture and the discussion she led for the 50 students and instructors in attendance touched on aspects of historical and contemporary propaganda and information warfare, including national/regional examples of propaganda and the difference between propaganda in “the East” and “the West.” Prof. Loren Higbee, Head of Core Division, facilitated the discussion between Dr. Stojarová and AQB students. 

As part of the academic visit of Dr. VěraStojarová to Al-Quds University, she also was engaged in another two events at AQB. She met with a number of faculty members who discussed research interests and gave a lecture to the students of the Global Citizenship class in addition to the students of the Ecological History of the Globe class.Her lecture's topic was: “How the concept of citizenship evolved in post Yugoslavia." Dr. Stojarova explained the ethnic/national divisions in post Yugoslavia states and their effects on stability and citizenship rights in the different new states and the challenges that hinder a sustainable peace.

Dr. AmnehBadran, Assistant Dean and faculty member, welcomed and thanked Dr. Stojarová for her valuable academic visit. And both discussed possible future cooperation.