16 March 2022

The EAA-Qatar Scholarship

The EAA-Qatar Scholarship

In 2021, Bard College, in agreement with Education Above All Foundation (EAA), and the support of Qatar Fund For Development (QFFD), established a joint scholarship program at Al-Quds Bard College for the Arts and Sciences (AQB) in Abu Dis, Palestine. AQB will award scholarships to disadvantaged and margainyouth, who come from rural and/or marginalized backgrounds, including who hold refugees status, are disabled or orphaned, have parents who are unemployed, have limited financial means, or who are under pressure of unavoidable expenses (e.g., medical debt).

The Qatar Scholarship is granted to those who meet the criteria, on a scale from 85% to 100%.

Eligibility and Requirements of the EAA-Qatar Scholarship for Students applying to the B.A. Program:

Applicants for the EAA-Qatar Scholarship should:

  • Demonstrate financial need for the scholarship through the relevant section in the application form. 
  • Have a GPA of at least 80% or higher at Tawjihi or its equivalent. AQB has three tracks of admission, visit this page to see requirements of each.
  • Demonstrate a passion to study at AQB and a commitment to complete her/his BA degree.
  • Demonstrate a good level of English proficiency.

Instructions on how to apply for the EAA-Qatar Scholarship:

  • The application for the EAA-Qatar Scholarship is available at this link.(this link is only for applicants to Al Quds Bard College B.A. Programs. MAT applicants should visit the AQB Website under Qatar Scholarship for instructions on applying to the EAA Scholarship).
  • Consideration for the EAA Scholarship will be made on a rolling basis, and priority will be given to those students who apply early. The application must be completed fully, and in English, for full consideration for the EAA-Qatar Scholarship.
  • Applicants will receive notifications of a conditional admission to Al Quds Bard College. Upon the issuance of Tawjeehi results, applicants should obtain the application to Al Quds University. Applicants can request a free application by submitting a request here. Or, Applicants can purchase the application at these locations.
  • If the prospective applicant meets the criteria outlined above, he/she will be presented with an admission text message (SMS) and/or email.
  • Once the applicant receives an admission SMS and/or email, he/she is welcome to come to AQB admission office to receive his/her admission package and scholarship offer. After that, admitted applicants need to act swiftly and reserve their seats by paying the seat reservation fee. 

  Admitted students must:

  • Commit to 35 volunteering hours per year in civic engagement work (both within and outside the College).
  • Maintain a semester GPA above 80% during their journey at AQB.
  • Participate in special activities designed for scholarships’ recipients.