11 January 2022

AQB Student Organized A Quiz Night on Behalf of the EU at AQU Campus

AQB Student Organized A Quiz Night on Behalf of the EU at AQU Campus

Al-Quds University, in partnership with AQB student and European Union Ambassador to the University, Mariam Alqam, had organized a “Quiz Night” tournament where AQU students competed in very fruitful informative activities.

The Quiz Night is a cultural, social, and entertaining program and is very well known across Palestine. It was founded in 1996 and is organized in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nablus, Hebron, and Bethlehem. The program aims to gather the students and introduce them to the history of the European Union. Without a doubt, the program enables the students to acquire the social and debate skills that will avail them in life. Of the participant groups, the contenders compete with each other in 8 rounds, in which they answer different questions directly related to the European countries.As for the tournament rules, each participated group should have at least six persons and answer questions that are based on wittiness and background information.

Mariam Alqam has been selected as the European ambassador for the “You are The Ambassador” program, after passing exams and interviews, among 650 students from different Palestinian universities.

Mr.Shadi Othman – Palestine Communications and IT Officer at the EU – alluded that the EU will implement upcoming entertaining, cultural, and political discussions in collaboration with the EU ambassadors at the local Palestinian Universities.These events will focus on the cultural dimension and students’ exchange programs with European universities.