12 December 2021

Mariam Alqam the European Union Ambassador at Al-Quds University

Mariam Alqam the European Union Ambassador at Al-Quds University 

Mariyam Alqam is a senior student at Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences, she has been chosen to serve as the European Union ambassador to Al-Quds University, which is part of “You are an Ambassador Program,” that the EU supervises in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

This program targets creative students in different Palestinian Universities to be part of a program that aims to increase awareness about European Aid in Palestine and to provide students with extraordinary opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills.

Mariyam reflects on her participation, “I love to give back to my University through coordinating activities and programs funded by the European Union for students. In addition, I would love to reinforce the role of the current university clubs that relate to students’ civic engagement and to know more about European Union projects in Palestine”.

She also expressedthe variety of students’ activities that the university is conducting to improve leadership and self-development skills among students. She says: “[t]his university provided me with various opportunities to volunteer in different activities on campus and outside. All of these activities have shaped my personality and my career path until I reached here”.

Regarding the importance of engaging in such activities, Mariyam says: “[m]y participation comes along rising youths’ voices and engaging them in community service, implement academic and social activates funded by the European Union, coordinate the visit of European representatives to the University, in addition to provide cultural exchange opportunities for students.

She also expressed her happiness and enthusiasm to be chosen as the European Union Ambassador at Al-Quds University, mentioning that she has been chosen for her activism and participation in different programs that aim to shape students’ skills and personalities. She adds: “I aspire and hope to pay back to my colleagues in the university with all of my love, and sincerity.”

Mariyam directs a message for students at the University to emphasize the importance of following news especially through the University’s email address, so they will not miss the opportunity to participate in competitions, exchange programs, and volunteering opportunities.

She has been chosen after participating in a competition that the program has conducted through Al-Quds University. Mariyam applied for electronic tests, and she filled a form that includes details about projects that she worked on, her future goals, and motives to apply for this program.

Meanwhile, 650 students applied for the same program from different Palestinian Universities, only 10 students have been chosen after conducting the required tests and interviews. In this light, they became European Union Ambassadors in their universities.