10 October 2021

Maher Abuzir

Maher worked as a teacher at the Palestinian Ministry of Education for 31 years, where he devoted 90% of his practices during the last 10 years to teach his students how to activate their higher-order- thinking skills in learning. Maher taught the Language and Thinking (L&T) course in AQU several times.  His recent activities included training teachers to implement the backward design and to use rewards for applying classroom researches through formative assessment tools. He also worked on the Intel Initiative Reward, in 2015, and on Implementing Backward Design in Teaching Science for 5th, 6th, and 7th Grade" in Dar-Salah School in 2018. Abuzir is experienced in the online formative assessment (FA) via the Zoom platform. Abuzir is a lead biology lab experimenter who aspires for designing lab experiments that cope with the 21st scientific researches. For example, he worked on a project named " Fecal Occult Blood Screening in Beit Sahour" in 2015. Abuzir is a frequent innovator who strongly believes in authentic learning that provokes developing students' mindsets toward active-beneficial learning.  he lives in Bethlehem, Palestine, and is interested in classical music, and is trying to learn foreign languages. His education and credentials include earninga master's degree from the AQB MAT program in the biology track in 2016 and a B.S.C. inBiology major-Chemistry minor, from Bethlehem University in 1987. He also earned a diploma in teaching methods in the track of Mathematics fromBethlehem University in 1994.