02 October 2021

Fatima Mafarjeh

Fatima is currently the SAT/AP director at the Arabian Academy for Modern Education, an American school in Ramallah. Her current responsibilities include building curriculum plans for the SAT/AP section, supervising and training teachers, networking with other relevant academic institutions including international ones, and recruiting and qualifying staff members. Her role also extends to include doing academic, social, and behavioral consultation and counseling for the students. 

Before working with the Arabian Academy, Fatima was deeply engaged in English teaching, for both native and non-native speakers of English. She has spent 8 years full of passion as an English teacher at the school level and 5 years as a college instructor. Most of her students would describe her as " an influential teacher and a teacher at heart". They always appreciate her efficient ability to engage her students' metacognitive skills in whatever topic she teaches, thus making them aware of how they learn and how they should think about their learning.  

A flashback on Fatima's academic history would reveal a person who is hardworking, perseverant, and outstanding, being the valedictorian of her class at school, B.A., and M.A. Although she has finished her high school from a less-privileged school in her village, she could secure the nationally third-highest average in Tawjihi (high school diploma). Winning a full scholarship, she had the honor to study her Bachelor's of English language and literature at the University of Jordan where she achieved academic distinction. She finally has anchored her academic success with a Master's of MAT at Al-Quds Bard College. Having sensed her academic passion, she would aim at a Ph.D. degree.