27 September 2021

Khader Hawwash

Khader holds a Bachelor's degree in education/ history from Bethlehem University (1990). He earned his master's degree in teaching methods from the AQB MAT program in 2017. Khader is interested in implementing new teaching strategies in the history discipline thatare supported by with 21st Century skills.  During his study for the Master’s degree, Khader applied two projects: the first one was about how to use flipped classroom strategy in developing critical thinking skills) while the second one focused on the Palestinian right of return between generations which was acomparative study.Khader taught in Terra Sancta Girl's School as well as in Sister of St. Joseph Bethlehem. He taught History and Geography topics to 8th –12th grades during 1990---2008. In addition, he also worked in Talitha Kumi School located in Beit-Jala from 2008 to 2019 and taught the  9th to the 12th grades.