27 September 2021

Hazem Alarouri

Hazem holds a BA in Chemistry from Birzeit University in 2004. He joined the labor market in the Quality Assurance Department at the Jerusalem Pharmaceutical Factory in 2004. In 2005, he worked as a teacher for general science and chemistry in the schools of the Ministry of Education, where most of the work time was in Mazari’ Al-Nubani and Arora Secondary School for Boys. He then joined the Chemistry Committee in the Ramallah Directorate of Education in 2007, where he worked as an assistant chemistry supervisor and as a trainer for teachers. He usually prepared training plans for teachers in parallel with his work as a teacher. He obtained a master’s degree in the Master of Arts in Teaching Program at AQB 2016, which had an impact on his professional performance. This enabled him to participate in several educational conferences at the level of the Ministry of Education and some universities. He also worked as a teacher of language and thinking at Al-Quds university. Currently, he is teaching chemistry and general sciences in the Supervision and Training Department of the Ramallah Directorate of Education.