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22 August 2021

Zain Ateek

My name is Zain Ateek. I hold a bachelor degree in Human Rights and International law acquired from Al-Quds Bard College for Arts & Sciences. As for my senior thesis topic, I mainly explored the discrepancy of the Egyptian legal system when it comes to tackling the phenomenon of Female Genital Cutting (FGC) in Egyptian society and the lack of laws enforcement to put this controversial practice to end.
I describe myself as an active member in society specifically focusing on defending human rights and therefore I have engaged in various projects which allowed me to work with diverse youth, activists, and students. For example, my role in the Franco-German Youth Office consisted of helping in organizing workshops and open discussions on different global issues, with a specific focus on topics related to peace, conflict, poverty and education. These workshops are attended by participants from all over the world, where we attempt to offer feasible solutions to these urgent issues.
I also have been an active part of LIJAN which is a local youth led initiative that focuses on understanding the Palestinian reality and the obstacles that Palestinian youth are forced to deal with as a consequence of the occupation. My main responsibilities while working with LIJAN included but were not limited to advocacy, campaigns organization, press-releases writing and research. As a women’s rights defender, I had been a part of various workshops conducted by LIJAN. Hence, these workshops were designed to engage in open discussions about women’s rights, conduct research on gender-related issues with the attempt of empowering women and challenging the false narratives about gender roles in the community.
Consequently, I have developed various skills including but not exclusive to research skills, academic writing, coordination skills, tutoring, reading and writing. In my spare time, I like reading dramatic/thriller novels, jogging and eating food (who doesn’t)?