22 August 2021

Nasiba Nazirova

Before joining ABQ as an ARC fellow, I attended the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where I studied international relations and

political science and also explored my interest in psychology. My senior thesis topic focussed on 4 key territorial disputes in Tajikistan, my home country, both before and after the delimitation of Tajikistan's border in the 1920s. In the thesis, I argued that Tajikistan compromises over those territorial disputes that impose the greatest threats. At AUCA, I also worked as a writing tutor in the Writing and Academic Resource Center for 2 Academic years. This was a great learning experience for me and helped me realize my potential of helping others, which is what inspired my application to join the ARC at AQB. 

As for my personal interest, I am really hoping to learn some Arabic in Al-Quds.  I know Persian, and I used to write in it well, though, throughout the years of not practicing it, I forgot the Alphabet. I hope that my work in ARC will be useful, helpful, and professional. I believe that I will learn a lot from the students of Al-Quds, and I hope they will learn from me as well!