AQB Virtual Graduation Day - Class of 2020 

Al-Quds University held a virtual graduation day on campus on Saturday, October 17th, 2020, where AQB Bachelor (BA) and Master of Arts and Teaching (MAT) students were able to take part in recognizing their achievements by filming a graduation video, under strict safety regulations. This year, AQB proudly sends out its eighth BA cohort and tenth MAT cohort, confident that they have been equipped for success in the face of the testing times that dominate the region and the rest of the world. Al-Quds University has been very creative in grappling with the challenges presented by the current global conditions and utilized every possible opportunity to celebrate the joy of graduation, adopting a virtual method for graduation that guaranteed the safety of students and their parents. Video footages taken from this graduation day will be integrated into a final video that students can share with their community.



AQB graduates have been so thrilled to participate, despite that this year has been utterly different than previous years. Students dressed in their AQU caps and gowns to pose for video and photos with the picturesque AQB building and AQU campus as a backdrop. Students toured the campus and took photos with the assistance of AQU media team who accompanied them to capture these special moments.
This fall AQB graduated 41 BA and 15 MAT students. AQB is proud of its graduates as they leave the College to join the growing community of more than 800 alumni and to start a new journey in a variety of fields and positions. We wish them the best with their future endeavors and looking forward to crossing paths with them during their future careers and business.