MAT students in history develop a sophisticated understanding of history as a craft, rather than a mere accumulation of factual details about the past, and an enthusiasm for the value of historical study. Toward these ends, the history curriculum challenges students with the following goals:

  • Awareness of political and social contexts in gathering historical and social studies knowledge
  • Appreciation of the value of multiple voices in the construction of historical narratives
  • Familiarity with major themes in the historical narratives addressed in the mandated school curricula
  • Historical inquisitiveness and an ability to make measured, nuanced claims about the past
  • Understanding the pedagogical value of major historiographical controversies
  • Skilled capacity to evaluate, weigh, and corroborate evidence to construct historical accounts

Meaning and Philosophy of History 9206511 (4 Credits)

This introductory course focuses on discussing the different mythologies, schools, kinds and philosophies of writing history as well as the various materials used by historians.

The last few decades have witnessed great development on the international level in rethinking about the different approaches of understanding the past and on reflecting on it. The course will drew the attention on these developments and will try to implement them on the oriental historical writings.

The course will offer a possibility also to have some insight on the problem of writing the history of the Palestinian people; this requires also an insight on the discourse in the Israeli academia.

Modern Arabs History 9206512 (4 Credits)

This course aims at studying two important periods: modern and contemporary history of the Arab World: political, social, economic, and thought developments in the 18th and 19th centuries. Moreover, it contains the European intervention and occupation. In the second period of study the course will cover the liberation movement, the rise of nationalism and Pan-Arabism, Muslim Movements, and Arab political regimes.

History of Palestine during the Islamic Periods 9206513 (4 Credits)

The communities of Palestine before the Arab-Islamic conquest, the conquests, Umayyad projects in Palestine. The decline of Palestine during the Abbasid’s period. The Fatimid’s between Sunna and Shi’a. The Crusader conquest between War-Jihad and cultural exchange. The rise of the Ayyubid. The Mamluks and their cultural achievements.

Special Topic 9206563 (4 Credits)

A topic can be selected by the department in accordance to specific needs.