Al-Quds Bard College Academy

Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences, of Al-Quds University, has the honor to announce a new strategic academic partnership with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, based in Kuwait.Through the Arab Fund’s generous support, the College prepares to launch a one-of-a-kind one-year preparatory, total-immersion English Academy (AQBA).  The Academy provides vital language-building instruction to talented and high-achieving Palestinian youth. Building a high quality, total integration program requires significant efforts from our faculty and staff, who have mobilized to achieve these objectives. The Academy is launching in two stages: first in a piloted format for Spring 2021, and second with a full launch in Fall 2021.

Why the Academy?

The Al-Quds Bard Academy (AQBA), a new dimension for AQB, serves talented students for whom limited English skills and limited financial means are barriers to matriculation at AQB. AQBA is a challenging one-year, preparatory non-credit program, with a principal focus on immersion in English language skills. Scholarship support provides access to and potential enrollment at Al-Quds Bard College after completion of the program for students from backgrounds of modest means.

The AQBA academic program will consist principally in English immersion, using a variety of pedagogical methods to provide rigor, excitement and engagement in ideas and activities that stimulate students’ imaginations and prepare them to succeed as undergraduates. The curriculum offers a new educational model that incorporates innovative teaching methodologies and moves students toward a path of success in college. It includes innovative ways to support and address basic grammar and speaking skills, as well as content-driven classes that will emphasize critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills which prepare students for success in their postsecondary school endeavors. AQBA offers extra-curricular activities designed to promote civic engagement and leadership skills. AQBA Students are eligible to participate in the full range of extra- curricular activities at AQB.

How It Works?

Pilot AQB Academy: Spring 2021: 

Under the Pilot Program, AQB has internally announced in the mid of November 2020 the call for applications to the Academy. The College plans to provide one semester scholarships to 12 admitted applicants from the cohort of students currently enrolled in AQB’s Pylon Program [formerly the English Intensive program]. The applicants will lay out their interests in participating in the piloted format, for one semester, of the AQB Academy through a competitive application process that will be managed and evaluated by a committee composed of qualified faculty. Eligible students from the Pylon Program will apply at the end of the fall semester and be selected to participate in the AQBA pilot program in January 2021.  

The Pylon Program is an established program at AQB providing additional language support through supplementary courses at the start of students’ academic careers at AQB. The invaluable language instruction given by talented and dedicated faculty sets the foundations of English-language skills that lead to their subsequent success toward the B.A. degree. In light of this, see below a summary of the Scholarship Allocations for Academic Year 2020/21:

  • Offer scholarships of 100% to twelve (12) students from among the current Pylon cohort for their participation in the one-semester piloted format of AQB Academy during Spring 2021.
  • Scholarships of 75% would be awarded in Fall 2021 and cover the upcoming semesters for the eligible graduates of the piloted AQB Academy towards one of the nine Bachelor’s programs at AQB.
  • The piloted 75% scholarship would include the remaining 118 credits to fulfill the bachelor's degree requirement, beginning in summer 2021 (if students wish to enroll).  

Selection Criteria for the Academy:

  1. Scholarship Need – Students must demonstrate additional scholarship need 
  2. Pre-College Academic Records, including Tawjihi scores 
  3. Fall 2020 Academic Performance 

AQB Academy’s Grand Launch in Fall 2021:

As the only program of its kind in Palestine, beginning in Fall 2021-22, AQBA will be a one-year (two semester), fully funded pre-college program concentrating on developing English-language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  

The admission to AQBA in Fall 2021 is 100% tuition-free, and successful graduates are eligible to receive an 75% scholarship for the rest of their AQB undergraduate journey starting in the Fall 2022 semester. Courses that students are enrolled in during Fall and Spring 2021 will not be counted towards their AQB program degree.

Admission to the Academy and earning the scholarship could mean that students’ journey at AQB could potentially take five years (1 year Academy + 4 years undergraduate program). Students may accelerate their progress, however, through enrolling in summer courses.  The scholarship will only cover 130 credits, including the enrollment in summer terms.